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JKM > Volume 39(1); 2018 > Article
Moon, Jung, Kwon, Cho, Park, Jung, Park, Ko, and Cho: The Effect of Geopungchunghyul-dan on Circumferential Strain of Carotid Artery: A Case Series



This study is aimed to examine the effect of Geopungchunghyul-dan on circumferential strain of carotid artery in outpatients of Kyung Hee University hospital of Korean Medicine.


Retrospective chart review is used from June 2016 to August 2017 for outpatients of Kyung Hee University hospital of Korean Medicine. 14 patients taking Geopungchunghyul-dan over 1 month were speculated. Data of circumferential strain and intima-media thickness was taken from carotid ultrasonography and processed by Wilcoxon signed-rank test.


Geopungchunghyul-dan lowered circumferential strain of both carotid arteries after 1 month of administration (p<0.05). Intima-media thickness of both carotid arteries did not changed significantly.


Geopungchunghyul-dan may ameliorate arterial stiffness.

Fig. 1
Change of left circumferential strain for 1 month of treatment.
Fig. 2
Change of right circumferential strain for 1 month of treatment.
Fig. 3
Change of left circumferential strain for 2 months of treatment
Fig. 4
Change of right circumferential strain for 2 months of treatment
Fig. 5
Change of both circumferential strain for 3 months of treatment
Table 1
Clinical Characteristics of Patients. (n=14)
Number of patients (%)
Main impression Small vessel disease 5 (35.71)
Tension type headache 2 (14.29)
Transient ischemic attack 2 (14.29)
Vestibular neuritis 2 (14.29)
Cervicalgia 1 (7.14)
Vasovagal syncope 1 (7.14)
Facial myokymia 1 (7.14)

Chief complain Headache 4 (28.57)
Dysarthria 4 (28.57)
One side weakness 3 (21.43)
Facial palsy 3 (21.43)
Dizziness 3 (21.43)
General weakness 3 (21.43)
One side numbness 2 (14.29)
Motor aphasia 1 (7.14)
Aphthous ulcer 1 (7.14)
Tinnitus 1 (7.14)
Facial myokymia 1 (7.14)

CVD risk factor Hypertension 11 (78.57)
Diabetes mellitus 9 (64.29)
Dyslipidemia 8 (57.14)
Social history Smoke 2 (14.29)
Alcohol 4 (28.57)
Table 2
Mean Value and Standard Deviation of Circumferential Strain and Intima-Media Thickness of each Common Carotid Artery at Start(Baseline) and 1 Month of Treatment.
Baseline 1 month p value
CS (Left) 1.76±0.75 2.09±0.81 0.003*
CS (Right) 1.80±0.56 2.16±0.75 0.013*
IMT (Left) 0.76±0.10 0.79±0.11 0.054
IMT (Right) 0.79±0.11 0.80±0.10 0.726

CS, circumferential strain; IMT, intima-media thickness.

Wilcoxon signed-rank tests were used for comparison between start and 1 month of treatment.

* Statistically significant at p<0.05

Table 3
Rate of Change in Circumferential Strain for 1 Month of Treatment
Patient Rate of change in CS (%)

Left Right
#1 22.97 −5.81
#2 63.64 45.26
#3 1.44 4.76
#4 6.27 21.26
#5 20.23 6.54
#6 13.13 39.7
#7 22.08 39.87
#8 34.1 3.4
#9 −2.8 6.99
#10 6.62 23.68
#11 28.21 34.45
#12 72.46 100
#13 −6.8 −25.19
#14 44.12 6.57

mean 23.26 21.53
SD 22.94 28.98

CS, circumferential strain; SD, standard deviation


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