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JKM > Volume 43(3); 2022 > Article
Yu: A Case Report of a Patient with Long COVID Complaining of Cough and Sore throat Treated with Hyunggaeyungyo-tang and Saengmaek-san



The purpose of this case study was to report the clinical improvement of Long COVID(cough, sore throat) treated with Korean herbal medicine(Hyunggaeyungyo-tang and Saengmaek-san).


To assess the treatment outcomes, I used the Visual analogue scale(VAS) to evaluate sore throat degree, and Leicester Cough Questionnaire Korean version(LCQ-K).


After treatments, cough and sore throat were significantly improved with VAS and LCQ-K.


The Korean herbal medicine was effective in the treatment of patient who suffers Long COVID. This study suggested the possibility of Korean herbal medicine treatment for Long COVID.

Fig. 1
Change of Leicester Cough Questionnaire Korean version(LCQ-K)
Fig. 2
Chang of Sore throat Visual analogue scale(VAS)
Table 1
The Composition of Hyunggaeyungyo-tang
Herbal name Scientific name Dose (mg)
白芷 Angelica Dahurica Root Soft Ext. 220
當歸 Angelica Gigas Root Soft Ext. 290.4
枳殼 Aurantii Fructus Immaturus Soft Ext. 545.6
柴胡 Bupleurum Root Soft Ext. 220
川芎 Cnidium Rhizome Soft Ext. 378.4
連翹 Forsythia Fruit Soft Ext. 220
梔子 Gardenia Fruit Soft Ext. 378.4
甘草 Licorice Soft Ext. 277.2
芍藥 Peony Root Soft Ext. 290.4
桔梗 Platycodon Root Soft Ext. 343.2
防風 Saposhnikovia Root Soft Ext. 316.8
荊芥 Schizonepeta Spike Soft Ext. 176
黃芩 Scutellaria Root Soft Ext. 519.2
Table 2
The Composition of Saengmaek-san
Herbal name Scientific name Dose (g)
人蔘 Ginseng Ext. Powder 1.33
麥門冬 Liriope Tuber Ext. Powder 2.67
五味子 Schisandra Fruit Ext. Powder 1.33


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