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JKM > Volume 41(3); 2020 > Article
Yoon, Kim, Baek, and Yoo: Chronic Pelvic Pain Patients with Gynecological Diseases Treated by Korean Medicine Treatment: Three Case Reports



The purpose of this study is to report the effect of Korean medicine treatment on chronic pelvic pain with gynecological diseases.


Three female patients with gynecological diseases who suffered from chronic pelvic pain got Korean medicine treatment such as Boheo-tang-gagambang, acupuncture, Jungsongouhyul pharmacopuncture, moxibustion, fumigation therapy with Hyeonhosaek-tang and Sasangja-tang and physiotherapy during hospitalization. Numerical Rating Scale(NRS) of pains and percentage of other symptoms were measured every morning.


In three cases, after 9, 15, and 22 days of treatment in each case, pelvic pain decreased by more than 50% and other symptoms were also improved.


These cases showed that Korean medicine treatment of chronic pelvic pain with gynecological diseases was effective for alleviating symptoms.

Fig. 1
Timeline of the patient’s medical history in case 1.
Fig. 2
NRS of chief pain during hospitalization in case 1
Fig. 3
Timeline of the patient’s medical history in case 2.
Fig. 4
NRS of chief pain during hospitalization in case 2
Fig. 5
Timeline of the patient’s medical history in case 3.
Fig. 6
NRS of chief pain during hospitalization in case 3
Table 1
Composition of Boheo-tang-gagambang
Herbs Amount (g)
人 蔘 Ginseng Radix 6
白 朮 Atractylodis Rhizoma Alba 6
當 歸 Angelicae Gigantis Radix 6
川 芎 Cnidii Rhizoma 6
黃 芪 Astragali Radix 6
甘 草 Glycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma 4
陳 皮 CitriUnshius Pericarpium 4
蒲 黃 Typhae Pollen 6
五靈脂 Trogopterorum Faeces 6
澤 蘭 Lycopi Herba 6
鷄血藤 Spatholobi Caulis 6
牛 膝 Achyranthis Radix 4
桃 仁 Persicae Semen 4
紅 花 Carthami Flos 4
玄胡索 Corydalis Tube 4
金銀花 Lonicerae Flos 6
連 翹 Forsythiae Fructus 4
土茯苓 Smilacis Rhizoma 6
杜 沖 Eucommiae Cortex 4
狗 脊 Cibotii Rhizoma 6
續 斷 Dipsaci Radix 4
木 瓜 Chaenomelis Fructus 4
神 麴 Massa Medicata Fermentata 4
砂 仁 Amomi Fructus 4
白茯苓 Poria Sclerotium 4
桂 枝 Cinnamomi Ramulus 3
乾 薑 Zingiberis Rhizoma 2
麥門冬 Liriopis Tuber 2
黄 芩 Scutellariae Radix 1
Table 2
Change in Composition of Boheo-tang-gagambang
Amount of herbs (g)
Case 1 Day1 ~ Day6 加 牡丹皮, 楡根皮 各 6, 魚腥草 8, 升麻 2
去 金銀花, 狗脊, 連翹
增 鷄血藤, 陳皮, 黃芪 各 2
减 人蔘 4

Day7 ~ Day9 加 白花蛇舌草 8, 檳榔 4
减 蒲黃 2

Case 2 Day1 ~ Day5 加 丹參, 牡丹皮, 楡根皮, 酸棗仁 各 6, 鷄內金, 荊芥 各 4, 香附子 8
去 人蔘, 五靈脂
增 陳皮, 玄胡索 各 4

Day6 ~ Day12 去 酸棗仁, 香附子
增 黃芪, 麥門冬 各 2
减 丹參, 牡丹皮 各 2

Day13 ~ Day15 加 白花蛇舌草 6

Case 3 Day1 ~ Day9 加 丹參, 牡丹皮, 楡根皮 各 6, 白花蛇舌草, 香附子 各 8
去 人蔘, 川芎, 狗脊, 五靈脂, 金銀花, 連翹
增 黃芪, 當歸, 玄胡索, 麥門冬 各 2

Day9 ~ Day22 增 乾薑 2


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