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JKM > Volume 42(3); 2021 > Article
Kim, Chae, Ko, Jo, Jang, Kim, Kim, Park, Hwang, Goo, Park, Baek, Nam, and Seo: A Study on the Development and Application of Korean Medical Critical Pathway of Lumbar Disc Herniation in Four Different Medical Associations



A critical pathway defines the optimal care process, sequencing and timing of intervention by multi-disciplinary health care teams for a particular diagnosis and procedure. It plays an important role as a cost-effective health care delivery system and a tool for quality control of medical and dental services by means of standardizing medical practices. The aim of this study is to investigate the satisfaction of patients and medical staff after implementation of a critical pathway for Korean medical treatment of lumbar disc herniation in integrative medical.

Methods and Results

The pre-critical pathway group included 3 patients who underwent the implementation procedure from October 2020. All three patients have successfully been applied critical pathways during inpatient and outpatient treatment. Additionally, medical staff members were satisfied with the usefulness of the critical pathway.


The implementation of critical pathway for the Korean medical treatment with lumbar disc herniation in integrative medical hospital can appraise possible applicability in actual clinical field.

Fig. 1
Time task matrix for inpatient management in integrative medical hospital
Fig. 2
Time task matrix for outpatient management in integrative medical hospital
Table 1
Outcome Measures in Implementation of Critical Pathway
환자 구분 병력청취 진단검사
조OO 외래 aEQ-5D-5L
이OO 외래 EQ-5D-5L
이OO 입원 EQ-5D-5L

a EQ-5D-5L: Euro-Quality of Life – 5 dimensions – 5 Likert Scale.

b ODI: Oswestry Disability Index

c NRS: Numeral Rating Scale

d SF-36: Shot Form Survey of 36 Items


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