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JKM > Volume 45(1); 2024 > Article
Yu and Cho: Chuna therapy include Space Spinal Conduction Exercise and Manipulation Treatment for Functional dyspepsia patients: A case report



The purpose of this case study was to report the effect of Chuna therapy include Space Spinal Conduction Exercise and Manipulation Treatment for Functional dyspepsia patients.


A 32-years-old male patients with functional dyspepsia visited the clinic ten times from March 17th 2023 to April 22th 2023. To assess the treatment outcomes, we used the Standard tool for pattern identification of Functional dyspepsia and Nepean Dyspepsia Index-Korean version (NDI-K) symptom score.


After treatment, Standard tool for pattern identification of Functional dyspepsia and Nepean Dyspepsia Index-Korean version (NDI-K) score decreased.


Chuna therapy include Space Spinal Conduction Exercise and Manipulation Treatment was effective in the treatment of patient with Functional dyspepsia.

Fig. 1
Change of Nepean Dyspepsia Index-Korean version (NDI-K) symptom scores
Table 1
Correlation KCD-8 code for Each Disease
Pattern Identification of Functional Dyspepsia 3/17 4/22
Pattern of spleen and stomach deficiency and cold
157.52 139.6
Spleen deficiency with qi stagnation pattern
148.3 137.08
Liver-stomach disharmony pattern
161.29 109.04
Tangled cold and heat pattern
120.15 77.85
Dampness and heat in the spleen and stomach systems pattern
204.93 109.66
Food retention disorder
223.74 121.61


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